What's On Tap

The WOT (What's On Tap) App

1)  Is not just an app that makes it easier for your customers to buy more beer.

2)  It is an app that makes it easier for your customers to buy more of your beer.

3)  There is a BIG DIFFERENCE!

*** Unlike social apps that tell your customers to try your competition,
the WOT app only sells your beer!!!

Here's How It Works:

When a customer wants to know "What's on Tap?"

OLD-School Approach:

They can try to remember what they heard on the initial meet and greet.
Wait for your staff member to come back by.
Or read your What's on Tap board, if it is visible.

NEW-School Approach:

A customer will never have to test their memory skills or wait for a staff member, and your WOT Board is always visible no matter where they sit in your establishment.

In 2014, of course your staff would still be happy to repeat your WOT list as many times as your customer asks, and you will continue to maintain a WOT board or custom tap handles for those with a view.

But today you're going to add a virtual staff member.  A member that is always available to service 1, 10 or even 100 customers all at the same time and no one has to wait.  Your new virtual staff member will recite WOT perfectly every time with 100% real-time accuracy!!!

A Customer Interaction With Your New Virtual Staff Member:

It starts with a special QR code.  QR (Quick Response) codes are those strange looking pixelly squares you see popping up everywhere, and the reason they are becoming so popular is because they can be scanned by anyone with a smart mobile phone, which is probably +90% of your customers.

BTW - We recommend a custom QR code to help grab your customers' attention and brand your business as you give them more reasons to buy your beer (and your other products).

Generic Ordinary QR Code

Custom Branded QR Code

You want to avoid QR code blindness.

QR codes are everywhere but we just don't pay attention to them because we suffer from QR code blindness.  QR blindness is actually a form of bar code blindness.  We all know what bar codes are.  They are black and white and made up of blocky lines, and humans can't read them so for the most part, we've trained ourselves not to pay attention to them; and that goes for QR codes too.

Well today we can read QR codes and even bar codes.  Virtually any smart phone can do it and it's super easy.  All it takes is 1-tap and your customer is looking at your marketing message.

It starts with a QR code that gets noticed.

Quick note about custom QR codes:

Custom does not mean you simply change the color. It also doesn't simply mean plopping a logo in the middle. Custom means you take the time to get it right.
Simply changing the color projects a "that's good enough attitude" which is probably not what you're going for. You don't want to brand your beer as the one that's proud of awkward or less than professional results. Your custom QR code is a reflection of the quality, expertise and attention to detail that goes into your beer.
Upon 1st impression, which QR code projects higher quality,
more expertise and attention to details?

You can place your "What's On Tap" QR code on almost anything you want.

Coasters, table tents, wall art, menus, flyers, whatever.

In any case, once your customer scans your special WOT QR code, here's what happens next:

The WOT app is like having a virtual staff member and your new virtual staff member will present your customers with a mobile-friendly version of your WOT board, along with any other special details you choose to share with them.

Now your customer is ready to order when your regular staff member returns to service them.

And consider this...

If you choose to give them the option, your customers will also be able to LIKE your beer on Facebook, SHARE your beer on Twitter, RECOMMEND your beer on Google+, and REVIEW it on Yelp.

In other words your customers can buy more of your beer and spread the word using today's most powerful marketing tool -- social media.

Modern Approach to Customer Service & Marketing

Comes into your establishment.

They sit down and ask themselves "What's On Tap?"  If they have been to your establishment before they might remember what they had but I doubt they remember all your offerings.

Regular Staff Member:
Does the customary meet & greet, announces any specials and presents a "call-to-action" -- i.e. ask "What can I get for you?"

a) Responds to your special offer
b) Requests a predetermined beer
c) Asks, "What's On Tap?"

Regular Staff Member:
a) Fulfills special offer
b) Delivers requested beer
c) Recites WOT and answers any questions as best they can; and now they can let customers know they can get the brewmaster's full description of each beer on tap....by scanning your WOT QR code.

Enjoys the service provided by your regular and virtual staff members :-)

WOT Virtual Staff Member:
Ready to service 1, 10 or 100 or more customers all at the same time.

YOU: (optional)
Add additional marketing opportunities to your WOT virtual staff member's responsibilities.

Things like:
Promoting your Cask events
Providing your Sampler Flight selections and drinking order.
Promoting social media sharing (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+)
Give your customers the ability to read and write reviews (on Yelp)

It's easy to get started.

1) Call 425-486-7778 to get your WOT app account.

2) Submit your logo and business profile.

3) Get your login credentials.

4) Enter your beer information (or have us do it).

5) Download your QR code (or get a custom QR code).

6) Post your QR code and sell more beer!!!

Proceed to Step #1 - Call 425-486-7778





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