What's On Tap

1) What exactly is the "What's on Tap" app?

The short answer is:  The WOT app is a sales & marketing tool that services your mobile customers.
It turns your physical "What's on Tap" menu board into a mobile-friendly "What's on Tap" menu and much, much more.

There are a lot of straight-forward and creative things you can do with the WOT app, and we're constantly working on adding new features.  In other words, this short answer is just the tip of the iceberg.

2) How much effort does it take to setup?

We designed it to be really simple.

Using a desktop or laptop computer, all you need to do is:
1) Enter your WOT beer selection (titles, specs and descriptions)
2) Set your WOT sort order
3) Set the inventory status (i.e. On Tap - Yes/No)

3) How much effort does it take to maintain the WOT app?

Use The Built-In Delegation Feature:  (You don't have to maintain it yourself)
To keep everything up to date, you can give different staff members password protected access to change inventory status.

Using a tablet or mobile phone, your assigned staff member(s) can:
1) Set your WOT sort order
2) Set the inventory status. i.e. On Tap - Yes/No

We designed the WOT app with ease-of-use and speed in mind.  Whether you do it yourself or delegate it, most updates will take less than 30 seconds.

4) How much does the WOT app cost?

It's Extremely Budget Friendly:
One of the best things about your new, What's On Tap virtual staff member is, after the one-time cost to customize the WOT app to match your business branding ($250 to $340), your virtual employee only costs you $9.95 to $19.95/mo.

NOTE:  Our subscription plan costs you only pennies per day but gives us the ability to constantly add new and better features that will keep you ahead of any competition that tries to develop a similar marketing tool on their own.  It's the power of pooled resources!

3 More Best Things About Your New Virtual Staff Member....They will:

1) Never be late
2) Never complain
3) Never call in sick

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5) What other options are available?

Other WOT Options to be released:
• Cask marketing
• Social Media marketing
• Sampler Flight selection and tasting order
• Merchandise catalog
• "Where to find our beer" index
• Special Promotions





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