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Special Founders Club Promotion

During this introductory promotion the total cost for one full year of service breaks down this way.

1) One-time setup cost is $250 (after promotion it will be $340)
2) The monthly subscription fee is $9.95/mo if billed annually (after promotion it's $19.95/mo.)

3) So the total cost for our exclusive What's On Tap app (for 12 months) during our promotion is just $369.40.

Then after 12 months of seeing increased sales, your total cost will be just $19.95/mo.  It will be only $9.95/mo. if you renew your subscription before 12/31/15 because by signing up today, you qualify as a member of our Founders50 Club which gives you 50% off WOT app related services through the end of the year.

Allow me to add this:

As a Founders50 club member, your voice will be heard and will be very influential in the new features we plan to release and update.

Our biggest goal is to make the WOT411 app the most powerful tool of its kind.  We can achieve and maintain this goal because we're going to listen to you and the rest of our members, and incorporate the best of the best ideas to give you the best results.

The collective brain power of our members (a.k.a. mastermind group) gives us the unique ability to deliver innovative tools and features no one person could come up with on their own.  Not only that, we can detect both positive and negative trends quicker with our larger feedback loop.  This gives us the ability to adapt to your customers' needs faster than your competition.

With our combined resources it will be impossible for your competition to build a better mobile marketing tool.

It's easy to get started.

1) Call 425-486-7778 to get your WOT app account.

2) Submit your logo and business profile.

3) Get your login credentials.

4) Enter your beer information (or have us do it).

5) Download your QR code (or get a custom QR code).

6) Post your QR code and sell more beer!!!

Call 425-486-7778

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