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Use One of Our Instant Table-Top Sign Templates

Using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, you can use one of the templates below to create a 5x7 table-top sign within a few minutes.

To create a Table-top sign, simply:

1)  Download and Save a Template

2)  Open in Acrobat Reader and Replace QR Code

3)  Save and Print It!

BTW - You get your QR code by clicking the Generate QR code button in your WOT app account.

Here are the actual simple steps:

1) Click the download link  2) Save the PDF to your hard drive  3) Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader  4) Click on the QR code(s)  5) Insert your QR code  6) Save your new table-top sign  7) Print it, Test it, Print a bunch more!!!

Useful Resources:

Adobe's Acrobat Reader is FREE.

If it's not already installed on your computer, you can download a copy for free at:


Custom QR Codes and Table-Top Signs.

If you want a custom QR code like the one in the samples or would like a slightly modified (or completely different) Table-top sign design, contact us at 425-486-7778 for a no-obligation quote.

Also call us for the sweet deal we got you on your table-top sign printing.  It's an exclusive arrangement I made with the printer, so I can't post the price but it includes printing, cutting and shipped to your door.

Where To Get 5x7 Table-Top Sign Holders.

Need the right table-top sign holder for these templates? Here are 3 well known places to order them online or pick them up locally:

Office Max
Office Depot
NOTE:  The table-top sign holders at these consumer office supply stores are effective but a little filmsy.  If you think your sign may hit the floor from time to time, consider going with a sign holder with a minimum thinkness of 1/8 inch.

We recommend an 1/8" 5x7 sign holder with a slant/tilt back to match the angle from a smart phones perspective.

Start with this link "Plastics Plus" if you don't already have a source.  And if you do have a source, share it with us :-)





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