Start Using Your WOT App Right Away!!!

Do Beer Drinkers Use Mobile Phones?

We're Doing Everything We Can To Get You Up And Running Quick!

With the right digital artwork....  we can have you up and running in as little as 2 hours.  You can do it yourself or use our Done-For-You (DFY) service.  Either way, once you're setup, in most cases updating your WOT app takes less than 30 seconds and can be delegated to your staff.

WOT App Client Resources:

Your Logo:

For best results your logo should be a maximum of 280 pixels wide and saved in a png format if you want the background to show through.  Call 425-486-7778 if you would like us to optimize your logo for you.

Your Beer Pictures:

For best results your beer pictures should be a maximum of 40 pixels wide and saved in a transparent png format if you want the background to show through.  See: Beer Glass library.

Your WOT App QR (Quick Reference) Code:

You can download your QR code directly from your WOT app account.  Click the Generate QR Code button and download it to your computer to add it to your table-top signage, coasters, flyers, wall art and other marketing material.

Table-Top Signs:

Until you get your table-top sign artwork completed by your favorite graphic designer, we've included a few 5x7 templates that allow you to add your own QR code, print and display within minutes.  See: Table-Top Sign library.

Customize Your WOT App:

The WOT app has many features that can be customized.  PMGroup Solutions, the designers of the WOT app, is a full-service desktop, mobile and social media marketing company.  Call us at 425-486-7778 for a free, no-obligation quote on this or your next Internet marketing project.





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